Clear Choice Auto Repair is your locally owned mobile auto repair company. If you need to have your windshield replaced as soon as possible and in the most convenient way, we are the ones to call.


  • If you have a crack or other damage that is bigger than a credit card, the rule of thumb says that you should have it replaced.
  • If the crack is in you line of vision, you should have it replaced right away so you don’t have an accident because of it.
  • Why spend you precious time waiting for someone to replace your windshield when we can come to you and do it while you work, watch the Seahawks game or play with the kids.
  • We can repair and replace side and back windows as well.


  • If the damage is smaller than a credit card you can have it repaired.
  • We are experts in auto glass repair.
  • We can repair your chip quickly and so that you will hardly be able to see it.
  • If your chip is deep enough that it reaches the middle layer of the windshield, the laminated layer, move quickly and get it repaired.
  • If moisture gets into the middle layer of the window you’ll be looking at more damage.
  • Water in the middle layer expands with colder temperatures and will damage the window further.

If you have windshield damage that needs to be repaired, call us and we’ll come to you and have it repaired or replaced in a jiffy.


Monday – Friday

8:00am – 5:30pm