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We’ve all been there, you are driving down the highway and a rock flies up and hits your windshield. After you catch your breath you realize there is a chip. Sometimes these are right in your line of sight making your realize how grateful you are it was a small rock. Sometimes they are off to the side or near the upper or lower edge of the glass.

These are some common questions about chips.

Does the position of the chip make a difference if it is dangerous or not? A chip near the edge is more likely to turn into a crack, but the chip in the line of view could block your view, so which one is more dangerous is really a coin toss. Either way, they should both be fixed.

Can you leave the ones near the edge alone since they are not obscuring your view? The edge of the windshield is the weakest part of the windshield so any compromise to the strength via a chip weakens your windshield.

Is it ok to wait to get it repaired? If a chip is deep enough to reach the middle, laminate layer, it could allow water to get into the middle of the windshield and that is not a good thing. A chip near the edge should also be repaired as soon as possible because the windshield provided between 25-36% of a vehicle’s structural strength and in the case of an accident you want to have you car at full potential to protect you from injury.

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