Clear Choice Auto Glass is your local auto glass repair and replacement company. We’ve all been there, you are driving along bopping along with your favorite song and something flies toward your windshield, there is the moment of impact. You grimace, flinch, grip the wheel tightly and maybe close your eyes, even though you know this is not the time to be closing them.

When we open our eyes and see that everything is ok we breathe again. Sometimes the ok is just that the windshield sustained just a chip and the windshield isn’t a web of lines, and sometimes the ok is that the web of cracked glass is holding.

Here are some tips for avoiding getting in that situation in the first place.

Keep Your Distance

  • When driving behind any type of construction vehicle, stay way back.
  • When following any vehicle, always obey the three-second rule. Make a spot a road sign for instance and count to 3. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand and then you should pass that sign. If you reach it before the three, slow down.
  • If you are behind a construction truck, double your distance, so count to 6. Sure, someone might pull front of you on the road, let them worry about their windshield while you worry about yours.
  • Slow down on gravel roads, especially if you are following someone.

Steady Temperatures

  • Never pour hot water on your windshield. IF there is even the smallest crack or chip this could lead to a large crack developing.

Obviously no matter what you do, some damage does occur, and it will occur at some point in your driving life. When it happens, call us at 425.276.4160


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