Clear Choice Auto Glass Repair in Issaquah is a mobile auto glass repair service. We repair chips and replace cracked windshields. We know you don’t always have time to come to a repair shop and spend part of your day sitting and waiting. With us, you don’t have to! We’ll come to you! We can do the repair or replacement while you work or while you spend quality time with your family.

The best way to deal with a chip in your windshield is to not get one! Here are some tips to help you avoid driving situations that increase the risk of getting a chip in your windshield.

  • Keep your distance. You should always follow the 3-Second Rule while driving. The 3-Second Rule is the driving rule that says you should drive three seconds behind someone. You test this by mentally marking when they pass a landmark, a light post for example. If you are driving at a safe distance behind them, three seconds should pass before your car reaches the light post. These three seconds allow a rock to lose momentum and fall to the road surface.
  • Don’t drive near large trucks, especially ones carrying dirt or rocks.
  • Let your windshield defrost at its own speed. If you try to speed up the process with hot water, you could end up with a big crack. This is especially true if there is even a small chip in the windshield.

If, despite all your good habits, you end up with a chip or crack give us a call and we’ll come to you and repair it while you go one with your day.


Monday – Friday

8:00am – 5:30pm