Welcome to Clear Choice Auto Glass we are a full-service auto glass repair and replacement company. We are a mobile repair company so we will come to your home, office or wherever you need us. We can repair a chip in as little as 25-45 minutes. We’ll come to you and either repair or replace your windshield, side windows or back window. We service all makes and model but specialize in European cars. We are a new company, having started in 2012, but we have over 15 years of experience in this industry and have the knowledge to handle any car or damage. We can repair chips and replace windows, of course, but we do more! We will find any leak you are having in your car windows and repair it to return your car to it’s original watertight condition. And to make sure we get you driving safely, with the best road visibility possible we can replace your wiper blades if you need those replaced. We’ve put together a few little interesting facts about windshields for your information and entertainment.

  • Many insurance policies cover windshield replacement
  • Windshield claims are the number one insurance claim in the United States.
  • Laminate windshields are actually made of two pieces of glass with a sheet of laminate -polyvinyl butyral- between them.
  • Tempered glass is a single sheet of glass that has been heated the rapidly cooled.
  • Tempered glass was discovered by a French Chemist in 1903.
  • Tempered glass was first used in cars in the 1920’s
  • On average, 13-14 million windshields are manufactured or imported into US.


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