We can repair small cracks and all types of chips. We want to save you money and time and get you back on the road.

Save Time

  • Clear Choice Auto glass offers mobile service so you don’t have to stop your life and sit and wait while you get your windshield repaired or replaced.
  • We can come to your home or to your pace of work and do the work while you get on with your life.

Save Money

  • We deal every day with insurance companies and we can help you with this aspect of the transaction.
    many insurance companies even waive the deductible for a windshield repair. They know that repairing it is a lot cheaper than waiting and having the crack grow to the point where it has to be replaced.
  • They also know that a repaired windshield is much safer than a cracked windshield and they want you to be safe.
  • A cracked windshield is much more likely to pop out during an accident compromising your safety.

Chips and Cracks

Until you can get your chip repaired that are some rules to follow to save your windshield from further damage.

  • Keep your windshield dry. If water gets into the laminate layer, the middle layer, of your windshield there could be more damage when that water freezes or gets hot.
  • You’ll want to avoid bumpy roads until you can get it repaired.
  • Get the chip repaired as soon as possible. The smaller the chip, the easier and more complete the repair will be.
  • Don’t give your chip time or opportunity to get bigger.

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