In our last blog, we started talking about teaching young drivers even before they get behind the wheel for the first time. We’ve come up with some other ideas of things parents should teach their young drivers.

  • How to change a tire. If your child gets caught out with a flat tire, they need to know how to do themselves. Some cars have quite unique spare tire systems and your child needs to know how to work it well enough to do it quickly and safely.
  • What to do if they get a stone or other road debris thrown up at them while driving. They need to know about chips and cracks. (and yes, to call Clear Choice Auto Glass for their repairs and auto glass replacement)
  • Young drivers need to be taught what to do in case of a fender bender. Do they need to call the police? Do they exchange information with the other driver?
  • Check the oil and other fluids. It is important to show kids how to check the oil, brake fluid and where the windshield wiper fluid is. Adding extra oil is also a good thing to know how to do.
  • Putting air in the tires seems easy when you’ve done it a few times but kids need to be shown how to check the air pressure and how to know when they’ve put enough air in the tire.
  • Kids should also where the registration and insurance cards are kept in the car.
  • It is also really important to teach your children how to behave should they be pulled over by the police. They should be taught to turn on the interior light, unroll the window and to put their hands on the steering wheel.


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