Clear Choice Auto Glass is dedicated to your safety and that of your young drivers. We move our work. We come to you, with our mobile auto glass repair serve and fix or replace your car windows. We know that clear vision is really important to safe driving. We’ve been discussing teaching young drivers some basics and one important basic is how to get out of a skid. How to control a skid. No matter how safe of a driver your young driver is, the chances are that they will skid at some point in their driving life.

  • The first thing to do if your car is in a skid is to stop accelerating; take your foot off the accelerator pedal..
  • Steering the way you want the car to go is the most basic instruction to give about controlling the car in a skid.If the car has anti-lock brakes, pumping the brakes is unnecessary.
  • One important tip is the remind young drivers to never use cruise control when driving on slick surfaces. Slick surfaces can be found in winter and summer. It doesn’t take much water on the road to make a car hydroplane.
  • Hydroplaning is when the car wheels sit on a layer of water between the road and the tire. The car will experience a temporary loss of control. Be aware that hydroplaning often happens in the first few minutes of rain because oil on the road mixes with the rain creating a slick puddle.
  • If you over correct and you then skid in the opposite direction, keep steering in the direction you ultimately want the car to go.


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