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When we have teen drivers there are many things we want to teach them about safety on the road.We know that the windshield of your car offers between 20 and 30% of your car’s structural strength. Auto glass safety is not taught in driver’s ed. classes but kids need to know when a chip or crack needs to be fixed. And they need to learn how to deal with insurance companies. In case you are teaching your teen to drive here are some general tips about teaching them road safety.

We think that narrating your driving for your teen, before they have their license is a great way to teach them the thought processes behind driving. Make sure they are open to it of course, and keep the narrations sessions short , or they’ll get bored and they may get eye cramps from rolling their eyes at you.

  • Tell them when you are accelerating, when you are coasting.
  • Tell them how you mentally mark your lane position.
  • Tell them how you decide when to go through a yellow light and when you know you need to come to a stop.
  • Analyze timing together. Do they think you should go through the yellow light?
  • Together, analyze other driver’s habits. Did that person use their signal? Did that person who just sped by you really gain anything or did they end up at the same red light as you?

We’ll continue this topic in our next blog. Check back for more info about teen driving!


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