Clear Choice Auto Repair of Issaquah repairs, replaces all car windows, and more. Part of this ‘more’ is finding leaks in your car. Water leaking into you car can cause damage to the interior of your car as well as making your car a smelly place to be.

Do you have a leak in your car?

  • If you drive through a carwash or a rain storm and see water trickling down the interior of your car, you’ll know clearly that you have a leak. If that happens, call Clear Choice Auto Glass and we’ll repair the leak for you.

You don’t have time to bring in your car for a repair?

  • We can give the same outstanding service that we give to cars with chipped and cracked windshields to cars with leaks. Call us and we’ll come to you. We can repair the leak in your car window while you work or at your home.

Are you unsure if you have a leak?

  • Sometimes it’s not obvious that there is a leak. Two signs to look for are wet spots on the carpet or upholstery. Often a water stain is all you have to go by to figure out the source of the leak. Another tell-tale sign to look for are rusty spots on the exposed metal.

Common Causes

  • The most common cause of a leak is an improperly installed windshield. Clear Auto Glass takes the time to do it properly.
  • A sunroof leak can do a lot of damage. The water can drip left or right depending on the slant of the car leading to damage seats as well as the middle console.
  • Sometimes a sunroof leak can be something as simple as clogged or disconnected sunroof drains. In most cases, our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem quickly.
  • A leak into your trunk will reveal itself through a moldy smell when you open the trunk.
  • A leak in the trunk could be coming through the seal of the trunk hood or even through a tail light.

Whatever the cause of your leak, you can rely on Clear Choice Auto Glass Repair to get it fixed for you. We’ll come to you for maximum convenience. Call (425) 276-4160 for fast, quality service.


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