It happens to us all, you are driving down the highway when a loud crack startles you to extreme alertness. A rock has hit the windshield and replaced that cup of coffee you were going to have! Sometimes you can see right away that the damage has been done. A big chip or a crack is visible and you think your plans for your day off will have to change.

A Morning Wasted?

You imagine yourself sitting in a waiting room, bored, checking your phone. We can’t change the fact that you have a chip, but with us you don’t have to worry about wasting a morning in a waiting room.


We come to you! Clear Choice Auto Repair and Replacement of Issaquah is a mobile auto glass repair company. We can fix your car window while you work or while you are at home, watching the game.

Repair or Replace?

Many people ask us if they really need to replace the whole windshield or if it simply can be repaired. The rule of thumb on this matter is if the damage is larger than a driver’s license, then it should be replaced.

Repair or Just Let It Be?

It can be tempting to leave the chip in your windshield unrepaired, especially if it is not in your line of sight. This can be a bad idea. If the chip has gone deep enough to reach the middle layer of the windshield, that damage could spread. The middle layer of the windshield is the laminate layer and gives the windshield strength. If a chip gets to the laminate it means water can get in. If water reaches the laminate layer, the water can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and cause the chip to turn into a large crack. Your best bet is to have that little chip repaired and stop the damage. Call us and we’ll come to you and have the chip repaired quickly.


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