Along with being a mobile auto glass repair company, we care for your car by providing wiper sales and installation. Give us a call and see how we can help you.The poor windshield wiper gets no respect. We take it for granted and really only think about it when something goes wrong. It is just is simple mechanism with a few simple pieces but if isn’t working correctly you can’t drive. We’ve put together a short list of interesting facts about windshield wipers, their lifespan and advice about when to change them.

  • Mechanical windshield wipers (as opposed to your arm sticking out and cleaning the windshield one presumes) were patented in 1903 by Mary Anderson but she was told it had no practical purpose.
  • Wipers were standard on passenger cars by 1913
  • Don’t use wipers to remove ice from your windshield, this will tear up your wiper blades.
  • If your wipers are leaving streaks, try cleaning them with a damp cloth before changing them out.
  • Normally wipers should be changed every 6 to 12 months. If you park your car in a garage your wipers should last longer than if you park your car outside nightly.
  • Inspect your wiper blades when considering changing them. Are there rips? tears? Notches missing? If so, it’s time for new ones.
  • Badly performing wiper blades might be the fault of the wiper arm or frame. Look for rust at the joints to see if the whole arm needs to be replaced.
  • Dry climates are terrible for wiper blades, so plan on replacing them more often.

Clear Choice Auto Glass cares for your windshield including wiper blades. We sell and install wiper blades for you.


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