The side view mirror is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your vehicle. Each one greatly aids the rear view mirror in eliminating the elusive blind spot, enabling you to perform all driving techniques safely. Unfortunately, side mirrors are quite fragile and can become easily damaged during accidents, major storms, or simply due to age. Yet regardless of the type or scope of the damage, Issaquah’s side mirror replacement experts from Clear Choice Auto Glass are here for you.

We strongly recommend letting a professional handle any auto glass repairs, and side mirrors are no different: There is an intricate process involved in choosing and installing the right mirror for your specific vehicle, based on its make, model and other distinct characteristics. Incorrect installation may have serious consequences, as your mirror may skew or fall off entirely as you are driving. It is our job to ensure that this does not happen!


Side Mirror Replacement

What truly makes us different from other glass repair services is our mobile feature, allowing us to come to you no matter where you are located – be it your home, office, or any other place across the city. You will never have to compromise your safety and well-being driving to our shop to have the work done. Our team will instead drive to your location, fully equipped with our high quality glass and other necessary materials to repair or replace your side view mirrors, as needed.

We are absolutely confident that you will not regret using our glass repair service, which we demonstrate by providing a lifetime warranty on all completed jobs. If your new mirror does not live up to your expectations, we will be there to help. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction, offering transparency and great prices as part of our high level of service.

To learn more about our side mirror replacement services in the Issaquah, WA, area, reach out to us today by calling (425) 395-5762. At Clear Choice Auto Glass, we will gladly address any of your questions or concerns regarding your side view mirror needs.


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