Here at Clear Choice Autoglass, your trusted source for auto glass replacement in Issaquah, we’ve had people come in with the most bizarre windshield repair situations. Most of the time, we see these things because people have believed advice from strangers, but you should always be cautious of this type of advice! Today we’re going to look at some of the worst advice you can receive for repairing your auto glass.

  • Tape can hold anything together, including that broken windshield! Let us be clear when we say that no matter what type of tape it is, it is not going to fix your broken windshield. Rain can easily soften the tape’s hold on the glass. Even duct tape, which is certainly thicker and bigger, won’t help you. You have a large, heavy windshield in comparison to a piece of tape.
  • You can use super glue to permanently fix your broken windshield since it can fix other stuff, right? Wrong! No matter how strong your super glue is, it is not literally permanent. Remember, you’ve got a big windshield that’s holding up a heavy car roof and that super glue is not going to be strong enough to hold it all together.
  • Special band-aids exist for windshields that you can use to hold them together. Unfortunately, a group of geniuses out there decided that a great way to fool people into giving them lots and lots of money is to create “special” band-aids for windshields. This is total bologna and will not hold up your heavy, broken windshield. Don’t be fooled!


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